Giving tea time a personality infusion

Craft Iced Tea and Hot Tea Sachets

Bye-bye Teavana brick-and-mortar...hello new product lines.

Devoted fans were crushed when Starbucks decided to close all 379 Teavana stores in 2017.

We gave them something to smile about by introducing a new brand identity, and new Craft Iced Tea and Hot Tea Sachets products.

Not your typical tea.

Most consumers choose teas based on price, flavor and caffeination.

We separated Teavana by connecting their top-shelf ingredients, expert blending and layered flavor to an emotional payoff worth savoring.

Our creative upended tea’s sedate stereotype and recast Teavana as a charismatic tea brand for today.

Job two: overhaul the digital experience.

We brought in line with the new brand language and look, providing all-original content for the site.

We produced a variety of content series to drive traffic while celebrating millennials living their best #TeavanaLife.

More is more.

Each variety of Teavana sachets evokes a specific mood and a visceral sense of enjoyment.

Our films echo the sublime sensory journey triggered by a hot cup of Teavana.

Back in our studio, we developed content that spoke to Teavana’s craft and caliber, going deep on ingredients and recipes.