You can't be what you can't see

Made with Code

It started with a dress.

But this dress was different. It lit up the runway--literally--thanks to teenage girls combining ingenuity with code. 

It was the beginning of our 5-year partnership with Google’s Made with Code, whose mission is to shift the paradigm that says girls and tech don’t mix. 

With a consistent drive to show girls that the things they love are made with code, our work spans multiple campaigns—delivering everything from strategy to event activation to social content to community management. 

Runway Ready.

To show girls the direct link between code and their passions, we collaborated with fashion icon Zac Posen and Google technologist Maddie Maxey to create a couture dress inspired by the stellar designs girls built on

To spread the word and get more girls coding, we sent pop-up coding trucks on the road and created content building up to the big day. 

In fall 2015, 50 code-happy girls got to see the awesome places code can take them as VIPs at Posen’s New York Fashion Week show. The first-of-its-kind LED dress was the final piece shown. 

Something to strut about.

The campaign boosted awareness and coding project completions, earning coverage in Adweek, InStyle Magazine, Mashable, Teen Vogue and The New York Times.

Going Global.

In 2016, we looked at a new question: How do you inspire girls to use code for social change? 

New York’s music-meets-activism Global Citizen Festival offered a massive platform for delivering the message that Change is Made with Code. 

We zeroed in on relatable mentors whose innovative thinking makes lives better and shared their stories on social and in a film at the festival main stage.

Pioneering women coders ignited  a new generation of women to use tech to shape their future.

We crossed magic bracelets with Wonder Woman, YouTube and Google Play to create a campaign showing girls that coding is a superpower.

Our goal? 

Inspire girls to unleash their own superpowers through a multi-level video game-style coding challenge. 

Wonder Woman’s visual effects producer reveals the real-life code behind movie magic.

The stats don’t lie. (We used the lasso of truth)

The Wonder Woman campaign outperformed past activations by 126%, with 68 million impressions. 

Most “jobs of tomorrow” don’t exist today. 

Which leaves teen girls uncertain about their way forward. To shift how they envision their future selves, we teamed with Made with Code and Snapchat on the #MyFutureMe coding challenge.

From tech consumers to tech creators.

#MyFutureMe motivated girls to imagine and share how they see their future by creating their own Snapchat lens.

We delivered a powerhouse campaign

with high-performing Snapchat ads, organic social content, and extensive partner promotion with phenomenal women like education activist Malala Yousafzai, Olympic athlete Laurie Hernandez, and Google CMO Lorraine Twohill

1 million projects down.

We helped Made with Code cross the finish line to 1 million coding projects in 2017 with a holiday campaign promoting their Emojify project.

The campaign focused on driving traffic to a project that let people program their own mini-me emojis. 

Using Instagram Stories polling, we created the first-ever crowdsourced emoji, and orchestrated a Twitter conversation between the Google family of social handles that became one of our biggest drivers of coding completions.