Pixel for the people

Google Pixel
@googlepixel channel launch

No one wants to switch phones.

But Google has a phone worth knowing about.

We picked up the call to convince consumers to make the switch to the Pixel smartphone, a product revered for its OLED screen, unique A.I., speed—and incredible camera.

We tapped the fiercely loyal #teampixel community of creators to reach a broader audience. We put their passion on wide display, launching @googlepixel, an Instagram channel dedicated to showcasing their stunning photography. 

Consider it a highlight reel of their best shots. A.k.a., social proof in the making.

We used visual listening to vet photos, but we didn’t simply choose the ones with high engagement. 

Our creative team handpicked 100 of the most interesting and spectacular images, organized them by color palette, and framed each set with arresting designs and gradients.

Behold an immersive digital art gallery that celebrates the diverse views and experiences of the community.

Welcome home #teampixel.

We personally reached out to the 100 featured #teampixel photographers to join the channel.

To surprise and delight our broader audience, we embedded hidden discoveries throughout the experience.