Turning data into creative gold

Google Trends
Google Olympics News Lab

Every brand wants a piece of the world's biggest sports event.

But Google wasn't an official sponsor of the Rio Olympics. So we found a way in with their Cultural Activations and Partnerships team.

Creative gymnastics.

We took our left and right brains down to Google for a 3-week frenzy of real-time, data-inspired creativity.

We went deep into live search data, unearthing the quirky, timely, funny things people ponder every four summers.

Real-time response.

We turned thousands of insights into 170 of-the-moment stories. Published across multiple Google channels, they popped up in feed as people searched those very topics.

We discovered that...

...people searching for the USA basketball team’s cruise ship outnumbered searches for vacation cruises.

...when Brandon Starc competed in the high jump final, searches for him leaped above Brandon Stark from...you don’t need us to tell you, right?

….searches for Usain Bolt’s sprint times zoomed past searches for the speed of light by over 100%.


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