The might of mentorship

Swift + partners
FTW: For the Women Mentorship Project

Fact: Women mentored by women are more likely to achieve senior roles, out-earn their peers, and generally feel happier.

Win, win, win.

As an agency founded by women with strong female leaders at every level, we’ve seen firsthand the power of women lifting others on their way up.

So we built a mentorship program.

We partnered with 16 female-forward businesses, professional groups, and employee networks to launch FTW: For the Women—a collective hell-bent on helping women achieve their career goals.

That winning look.

To support the initiative, we created a full brand identity, designed the program structure, and built a curriculum and playbook for personal success.

Go time.

We introduced teams and mentors at a sold-out event during Design Week Portland 2018.

Did it work?

Hell yeah.

100 women graduated from the 9-month program.

They earned raises and promotions, started new jobs, and went from freelance to full-time. They overhauled portfolios and resumes, leveraged networks, and went on targeted interviews.

One woman conquered her fear of public speaking by going to Toastmasters every week. Then, she shared her story on stage at our Closing Ceremony.

You gotta believe.

Best thing? Participants gained faith in themselves.

Data analysis and primary research told us the #1 issue these women battled was a lack of confidence.

What made it work?

Two not-so-secret ingredients.



Teams of 4-7 women met monthly and Slacked regularly. Fixed deadlines and meetings prompted them to show up and share progress.


Ongoing guidance and encouragement helped teammates create step-by-step, goal-crushing gameplans.

We heard again and again...

that having someone in your corner pushes you to do more than you thought possible