"Make us cry"

With You from the Start Brand Platform

Our clients said "Make us cry."

So we did. With a brand platform built on emotional connection to bridge the gap between a 150-year-old brand and younger moms and dads.

Carter’s knows kids.

Category leaders. Largest baby and children's apparel company in the world. Relied upon by parents.

But the competition is coming, with the shopping habits of millennial moms putting their position at risk.

To stay on top, you have to stay in touch.

If you want connection,start by listening.

To understand our audience we went to school-old and new-using social listening and focus groups to tune into how moms talk about motherhood and hear how Carter's fits into their lives.

The key insight: Moms don't have milestones.

There are clear milestones for baby - walking, talking, dropping naps- but not for moms. Without those markers, it’s hard to know how you're doing.

Our approach took this on, with a campaign built to Celebrate the everyday wins of parenthood.

Carter's knows parents, too.

We developed the brand campaign "With You from the Start" because only Carter’s has the credibility and heritage to claim they've been with parents from day one.*

*True story: We heard teary-eyed moms in focus groups tell us that "Carter's WAS with me!"

We partnered with real families with real stories to share.

Millennial parents are fluent in the visual language of social media, responding more to relatability than polished, ad-perfect families.

They even shared with each other.

On Mother's Day, we activated moms to trade messages of encouragement with the community.