Winner, winner you cooked dinner

Blue Apron
Compliments to Every Chef

Forget the freebies.

Meal kit companies rely on coupons and promos to attract new customers. But too many take the one-time offer and move on. Yikes.

Lean into loyalists.

On the flipside, we saw steadfast consumers who cook with meal kits every week. We put our money on them and decided to figure out why they stick around.

Map their motivation.

Our Data Science and Strategy teams dug into the personalities, habits, likes and dislikes of Blue Apron’s most ardent customers to learn what motivates them in the kitchen and beyond.

Weeknight dinner is a dish best served with a side of discovery.

One thing about this audience is clear: they’re coming to Blue Apron to up their cooking game and try new things, not just for convenience. They relish discovering ingredients and techniques, and savor the win of putting dinner on the table.

Why not salute them?

With “Our Compliments to Every Chef” we acknowledge home cooks who pick up the spatula — once a month, once a week or every night.

Our 360° awareness-raising campaign includes a range of broadcast and social videos, each with a distinct targeted message.

Knowing our audience loves to share their cooking wins, we gave them a hand with custom Blue Apron Giphy stickers.

A peek behind the scenes.

We went from brief to go-live in two months. AND no one burnt dinner.

Next course?

A host of fresh consumer insights from our latest round of Swiftography research is feeding deeper exploration of the entire customer experience.