Lighting up the hype for an instant classic

Unvaulted Campaign

How do you get people excited about re-releasing a shoe that’s only 4 years old?

In 2018, adidas brought back its beloved Ultraboost with an all-new design. Together with Foot Locker, adidas needed a stand-out countdown strategy to stoke wild anticipation for the shoe.

Going to the source.

Tunneling into the high-stakes secondary sneaker market showed which styles were fetching insane prices and most worthy of “unvaulting.”

We built up the story of each shoe in physical and digital, creating an aura of mystery and exclusivity that sneakerheads crave.

Alerting hardcore fans that their favorite Ultraboost colorways were returning from the vault, we amped up the intrigue with four waves of content leading to drop day…

EXCITE: Influencer unboxing videos on YouTube let Ultraboost’s most passionate fans break the news.

ANNOUNCE: Slo-mo and time-lapse footage from the vault highlighted each colorway drop.

ENGAGE: Code hunt assets gave fans the chance to lock in a pair before drop day.

ACTIVATE: Drive-to-purchase content announced arrival and availability.

We capped it off with the Unvaulted Escape Room experience in Hollywood, pitting visitors against the clock to solve puzzles and escape the vault in time to win prizes.