Getting in their heads

NFL Reactive Social Campaign


Inside the Mind

A series of sixty pre-made video assets for Twitter and Instagram. The animated graphics, post-modern mashups of glitchy video and sparse vector art, literally spill the contents of adidas players’ heads when they reach anticipated achievements throughout the year, shedding light on athlete stories that go beyond what you see on Sundays.

Obsession. Passion. Desire.

These are the ingredients that make players who they are—for Dak Prescott, a bulldog is a nod to his college team. For Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes, a red bottle represents his secret sauce: ketchup.

Ready for anything

Before the season, our research team forecasted milestones, records and electrifying matchups in advance of them happening in-game, giving us the ability to post reactive content several times a day—in a truly social way.

No false starts, no jumping offsides, no yellow flags.